A new foreign relation? (lame pun)

I stumbled upon (literally, not a cute reference to the aggregating website) this website/blog, Wannabe Hacks, of a curious bunch of five young journalists who are traversing through the world of journalism in the modern age. I thought it was fascinating, and I love the confident, old-school-crime approach to the blog with the members with names such as “The Intern” and “The Student”. This blog indicates, quite honestly, the difficulty of landing the traditional career of “journalist”—if that’s even in existence. It’s a fascinating idea, having five graduate students show their path through journalism today. It’s similar to what my friend, Justin, and I are doing with this blog. We felt that tapping into the expanding stage of journalism was important, and I felt an affinity to these guys. It’s inspiring and motivating to see other young people doing things like this. So, shout out to Wannabe Hacks. Kudos! 

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